The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov lives up to his name: Within just two days he climbed two extremely difficult boulders, including The Finnish Line (8c).

In January 2020 we ran the headline "He came, saw and climbed", because Vadim Timonov presented an unbelievable ticklist after his one month stay in Switzerland. It looks similar again now. Vadim Timonov has only been in South Africa for two days, but he has already announced the first inspections.

Balance day 1

On the first day, Vadim succeeds in climbing one of the most impressive and difficult lines in the Rocklands: The Finnish Line (8c), first ascended through Nalle Hukkataival in June 2017.

The Finnish Line is definitely a five-star boulder from Nalle.

Vadim Timonov

Vadmin designed the boulder two years ago and climbed The Finnish Line with rope. At that time he didn't dare to go without a rope.

As if the inspection of The Finnish Line wasn't enough for the first day, Vadim also got the inspections from Strategic balance (8a) and Moon shadow (8b).

Vadim Timonov climbs the Boulder Amandla (8b / +) in the Rocklands - South Africa. (Photo Vadim Timonov)
Vadim Timonov during the ascent of the Boulder Amandla (8b / +) in the Rocklands - South Africa. (Photo Vadim Timonov)

Balance day 2

It goes very fast. On the second day, Vadim did not rest on the laurels of the previous day, but hurried from block to block. After hitting the boulder Amandla (8b / +) committed within a very short time, he expanded the ticklist for the second day Purple Nipple Clan (8a) and gogoan (8b).

Balance by the end of the stay?

Vadim Timonov is only at the beginning of his almost one-month trip. We are curious to see what the ticklist looks like after a week or the entire stay - and will keep you up to date.

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Credits: Cover picture Juliet Leonova