Giuliano Cameroni and Clément Lechaptois climbed the Boulder Crystal Ship (8c) in Cresciano at the beginning of the year. This video shows the ascents of this impressive line as well as numerous other boulders.

Projected during the winter months Giuliano Cameroni and Clément Lechaptois an older bouldering project in Cresciano, Ticino. On January 8, 2021, Giuliano made the first ascent and a few days later Clément also successfully got off the block. Crystal ship (8c) is one of the most aesthetic lines of Cresciano and combines powerful features with technical sequences.

The following video shows the opening of Crystal Ship as well as numerous other new bouldering lines in Ticino, among others Daisuke Ichimiya in lur (8b +), Marine Thevenet in We can (8b) and Diego cameroni in Scacco Matto (8b).

King Lines - A video about first ascents in Ticino

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Credits: Cover picture mellow