With the exercise Block and swing on the campus board, you train your finger and body tension and improve your precise performance in steep railings. Christoph Völker of target10a introduces you to the exercise.

A guest post by Christoph Völker from target10a.com

For the Exercise Block and Swing you need a campus board with step bars. Since the campus board does not have to be extra high, this exercise is also suitable for a small campus board that you have installed in a room or basement at home.

  1. Starting position: You stand with both feet on a bar and hold with both hands and in stretched arms a bar as far down.
  2. Now you get out of the hips and the arms and reach with one hand as high as possible to a bar.
  3. Once you have grasped this bar, you let your feet swing out of the bar and immediately put them back on the step bars.
  4. Then you reach back to the starting position with your hand and do it with your other hand.

This is how you perform the exercise

Try to make 2-4 sets of five repeats per page. Pause for about two minutes. If the five repetitions are too light, then a smaller bar can be taken. Alternatively, you can grab a higher bar.

That's the effect of Exercise Block and Swing

This very climbing-specific exercise mainly trains the maximum strength of your fingers. But the body tension and explosive power are trained and improved the ability to start on steep terrain.

This video shows you the Campusboard exercise Block and Swing

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Credits: picture & text Christoph Völker von target10a.com

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