Adam Ondra is without discussion the strongest climber in the world. His ambitions for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo are correspondingly large. The following movie shows Adam training for the Olympia 2020.

The decision of the International Climbing Federation (IFSC) to combine the three disciplines of lead, speed and bouldering at the 2020 Summer Olympics has been sharply criticized by numerous athletes. But the decision has been made. Also Adam Ondra, who criticized the decision in those days and even today sharply, has joined the fate and now trains all three disciplines. Because his goal is clear: the gold medal at the Olympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo. A first rehearsal will take place in two weeks World Climbing Championships in Innsbruck instead of. That's where the combined rating comes in for the first time.

Video about Adam Ondra's training for Tokyo 2020

Credits: Black Diamond

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