The Swiss professional athlete Cédric Lachat climbs with Era Vella one of Spain's best-known 9s in just six trials. The visit is all the more remarkable, considering that Cédric broke his heel seven months ago and severely injured his finger. Attention: If you are sensitive, you should not look too closely at the following picture.

The following picture shows the injured finger of Cédric Lachat about seven months ago compared to the situation in February 2018, when Cédric was able to climb another 8a in Montserrat. How quickly the Swiss could recover, he proves with his recent celebration of the Spanish classic Era Vella (9a) in Margalef.

A comparison: the finger of Cédric seven months ago and in February
A comparison: the finger of Cédric seven months ago and February 2018

If you do not have a head, it has feet

Actually, the saying goes that can compensate with the feet, what the head can not. But this is not true when climbing, as Cédric Lachat shows in one of his attempts in Era Vella beautiful.

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Joy about the visit is great

Cédric either showed some brains or his forearms were strong enough to score the route a few days later. The joy was great.

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Credits: picture Cédric Lachat

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