The Belgian Siebe Vanhee rides on the wave of success. On Tuesday, XNUMX. August XNUMX, he managed the one-day redpoint ascent of the Rätikon classic Silbergeier

With the support of the German alpinist Michi Wohlleben Sieben Vanhee climbed into the multi-pitch route on Tuesday Silbergeier im Rätikon During the afternoon he communicated with a live broadcast the ascent of all lengths up to the key length.

“We are currently waiting in the famous 'nest' of the Silbergeier route and waiting for the sun to disappear from the wall. Next up is the key length of Silbergeier. So far I have scored all the lengths in the first attempt! "

The waiting for the wandering of the sun was worth it for Siebe. A few hours later, he announced the successful launch of the Beat Kammerlander test piece from the year 1993. Siebe scored all lengths on Tuesday in the first attempt. This only 15 days after his successful repetition of the heavy multi-pitch route Yeah man in the friborgian Gastlosen (LACRUX reported).

"Many thanks to Michi Wohlleben and Jacopo Larcher for their support in planning the silver vulture."

Siebe Vanhee

Siebe about a week ago while projecting Silbergeier

Picture Jacopo Larcher

Silbergeier - one of the most famous multi-pitch routes

The route Silbergeier is originally a project of the Swiss Martin Scheel. When this 1993 stopped climbing and the route was released, the Vorarlberger made Beat Kammerlander to Silbergeier. He was the one who first started the route in the same year and secured the redpoint ascent the following year.

Silbergeier is about 185 meters long and divided into six pitches (8b, 7c+, 8a+, 7a+, 8b+ and 8a).

The first repetition of the route was made by Peter Schäffler in the year 1997, followed by Stefan Glowacz (1998) and Pietro dal Pra (1999). Since then, Silbergeier has been attracting the international climbing elite. Among the repeaters is also found Adam Ondrawho scored the route at the tender age of 14 years ago. The Swiss professional climber Nina Caprez was the first woman to climb the redpoint route (2011).

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Credits: Titelbild Siebe Vanhee