The Belgian Simon Lorenzi climbs the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille in just five sessions - and this in the worst possible conditions.

Switzerland has not been blessed with the most beautiful weather for days. Regular violent thunderstorms keep the blocks wet. But that can be Simon Lorenzi don't stop who im currently Magic Wood is. Together with his friends, he dries the block with the line La Force Tranquillewhat the guys manage with a few handles. Only the flat exit of the boulder was still wet.

When I warmed up in the boulder, I felt very good and I hoped the exit wasn't too hard.

Simon Lorenzi

On the third attempt of the day in question, Simon stood on the block, after a rather shaky exit on wet handles and kicks.

The boulder La Force Tranquille is located on the back of the Darkness-Cave in the Swiss bouldering area Magic Wood. The line was first walked by the American Daniel Woods 2011. Since then, he has been supported by, among others Nalle Hukkataival, Jakob Schubert and Giuliano Cameroni .

Daniel Woods on the first ascent of La Force Tranquille

8c not enough for a successful bouldering day ??

After the ascent of La Force Tranquille, the young Belgian seemed to be inspired by the success. Because he moved directly to the Bruno Block and also climbed Never Ending Story (8b +) rounded off the day with Nothing Changes (8a).

That was one of my best climbing days ever!

Simon Lorenzi

Next want Simon Lorenzi the boulder The Power of Now climb. He has already tried the line and made promising attempts in his first session.

Simon Lorenzi during the ascent of La Force Tranquille (8c)

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Credits: Cover picture Simon Lorenzi