The latest issue of the news program BETA takes a look at the video of Daniel Woods' 9a boulder ascent, is dedicated to the topic of warming up and deals with two potential 9c candidates.

The BETA news show is presented by Bächli Bergsport and Mammut

Many have heard it, that unpleasant clicking sound when the ring band breaks. And most only take warming up seriously after an injury. So it's time for us to be on the show BETA deal with the matter.

9c route bibliography under siege

There is also a lot to report from the news corner. The second 9c route in the world, Bibliography, is almost under siege. Sébastien Bouin and Stefano Ghisolfi head-to-head race in Céüse. We take a closer look.

Video Return of the Sleepwalker in 27 seconds

The video was recently released Return of the Sleepwalker on-line. It was expected for a long time, now it's here: the cinematic feat over Daniel Woods 9a boulder ascent. The video lasts a full 20 minutes. We have summarized the history of the ascent in exactly 27 seconds.

Actiontalk BETA - Episode 11

The fingerboard from the show: Kästner's & Sons

This noble Fingerboard is made from scrap wood - each board is therefore a small one-off with a very individual wood grain. As a mobile training device, the Hangman can also be used on the go to warm up before climbing.

The Hangman is a Swiss product from a small and young company of bouldering and climbing enthusiastic carpenters, which inspires with its sustainable ulterior motive and local production as well as the well thought-out concept. Made of wood, of course - this is what training looks like for true outdoor fans!

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