The Cameroni brothers have added several new lines to the Brione bouldering area in Ticino. This video shows six new boulders, including the two 8b + Boulder Zero Kelvin and Liquid Nails.

They more than live up to their father's name. Then already Claudio Cameroni made sure that new climbing routes and boulders were created again and again in Ticino. He left his handwriting behind in numerous areas in southern Switzerland.

At least as far as the blocks are concerned, his two sons are now following in his footsteps. Has long been one of the hardworking developers of heavy lines Giulianowho now lives from bouldering. Now his brother is joining more and more Diego who has rediscovered the sport in recent years.

The two have opened six new boulders in the popular Brione bouldering area and present them in the following video.

Newly opened boulder in Brione:

  • Slow Down 8a + / V12 FA
  • Take it easy 8b / V13 FA
  • Blinded by the light 8b / V13
  • Inside Out 8b / V13 FA
  • Liquid Nails 8b + / V14 FA
  • Zero Kelvin 8b + / V14 FA

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Credits: Image material Mellow