Brooke Raboutou is bouldering for the third time in her career on the 8b + level of difficulty. Last weekend she walked the Trieste line in Red Rocks, Nevada.

The day before yesterday we published an article about the Olympian Tomoa Narasaki and wrote how he brings his fitness to the rock, as before Alexander Megos., Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert or Janja Garnbret. The influence of the Summer Olympics on the performance of the athletes is now also underpinned Brooke Raboutou.

"A year ago the boulder was at my physical and mental limit."

Brooke Raboutou

A year ago, the Boulder Trieste in the Red Rocks seemed a long way off to Brooke. Countless training sessions and an Olympic participation later, the situation is different. Brooke feels a lot stronger and was able to draw a line under the project. Last weekend she succeeded in ascent of the 8b + boulder.

“I will never forget the process of pushing myself and growing with the project and will continue to look for it in the future. Let's go to the next project! "

Brooke Raboutou

Video: Brooke Raboutou bouldering Trieste (8b +)

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