Giani Clement from Graubünden announces the first ascent of two boulders in Val Bavona: he climbed Last Night on Earth (~ 7c +) and Days like Nights (~ 8a). In the interview, he talks about the new line and how it deals with the corona pandemic.

Has the two new lines Giani Clement Started in mid-March, shortly before the lockdown in Switzerland. The block with Last Night on Earth and Days like Nights is in Val Bavona, near the well-known boulder Heritage. Last week we talked to Giani about the first ascent of the boulder and how he handled it Corona pandemic spoken.

How do you describe the style of the lines?

The two boulders combine athletics with technology and have the potential. Days like Nights in particular has the potential to become a classic.

How hard are the two boulders (roughly)?

The easier direct exit - Last Night on Earth - is in the 7c + area. But the rating is not so important to me, which is why I haven't published an official rating yet. I'm curious what the people say who repeat the boulder. The left exit of the line - Days like Nights - is more difficult (~ 8a) and the best line on the block.

Giani Clement on the ascent of Last Night on Earth and Days like Nights

You had an apartment in Ticino. Did you have to give it up and didn't boulder?

The season in the Tessin was only affected by the corona pandemic towards the end (March). The best time between December and February was awesome. Spring and the season in Magic Wood suffer a lot more. But health comes first and the projects don't run away. The motivation for the autumn season is even greater (grins).

How do you deal with the corona crisis?

I try to keep social encounters as low as possible and to go shopping as rarely as possible.

The whole thing has its good points. Nature can relax.

Giani Clement

Are you still climbing If so, where and under what conditions?

Normally the season at Magic Wood would have started and I was going to tackle some projects and train in parallel two to three times a week in the hall. Of course, this is currently not possible because the halls are closed and the bouldering area Magic Wood is closed (Note d. Editor: In the meantime, the access rules have been relaxed).

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Giani Clement

I'm just really happy when I can go back to Averstal.

Giani Clement

Improvisation is the word of the hour. I try to keep my motivation high, train on the fingerboard until it starts again. Sure, I could also go to the Murgtal, but I have no motivation for that because it is already too warm and surely enough people are already bouldering there. I'm just really happy when I can go back to Averstal.

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Credits: Images Giani Clement