The Swiss climber Martin Keller is doing well. A few days ago, after years of planning, he succeeded in climbing what is probably the most famous boulder in the world: Dreamtime (8c) in Cresciano.

A few weeks after the inspection of The Never Ending Story (8b +) announced in Magic Wood Martin keller again the ascent of a difficult boulder. This time it is the first 8c boulder in the world, Dreamtime, first climbed by the bouldering legend Fred Nicole in the year 2000. For Martin, the on-site visit is not only the end of years of project planning, but a great dream came true for him.

With the ascent of Dreamtime, a lifelong dream came true for me. It couldn't be better. Dreamtime is THE perfect line.

Martin Keller aka swizzybouldering

Incidentally, Martin reveals in a subordinate sentence that more news will follow. The Swiss man was able to climb another line, but more on that at a later date.

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Credits: Cover picture Hannes Kutza