Despite the snow Giuliano Cameroni opened at the end of last year Great Escape (8b +) a heavy boulder in Cresciano. The second ascent was not long in coming: Samuel Ometz cracks the Boulder, but is not sure if Great Escape that deserves "+".

The fact is that it is Great Escape is a beautiful and complex line to climb. That was possible on the Picture of Giuliano's first ascent recognize and see you in the video of Samuel even better. Compression climbing, hooks and groins challenge the repeaters. Samuel Ometz gives Great Escape no more plus and thinks the Boulder is about a 8b. We are looking forward to more repeaters and their opinion on the difficulty.

Video about Samuel Ometz at Great Escape (Cresciano)

A post shared by Samuel Ometz (@samuelometz) am

8c Boulder flash, that works!

Jakob Schubert flashes 8c-Boulder Catalan Witness the Fitness

Credits: picture Giuliano Cameroni


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