The American Alex Puccio is like many other athletes in Ticino and commits hard boulders. Sometimes she managed a quick ascent of the 8b boulder Amber in Brione and two 8a's.

Thank the upcoming Boulder World Cup in Meiringen. Numerous international athletes take the opportunity to travel to Switzerland earlier and warm up on the rocks for the competition. Like Alex Puccio. She is one of the strongest boulder athletes in the world and proved this with impressive inspections in the Ticino bouldering area Brione.

Two days, three boulders in the eighth grade of the French

Only two days and accordingly few attempts Alex had to invest in the commission of Amber (8b). At the same time, they also committed Ponk (8a) and Disney Production (8a).

“I love Brione. What a great day with cool people. "

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Credits: Cover picture West Mountain Media

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