The French Nicolas Pelorson managed the second repetition of the Fontainebleau boulder No Kpote Only by Charles Albert. Nico rates the boulder down to 8c and gives a new solution and the use of climbing shoes as a reason.

With the commission of No Kpote Only in Fontainebleau Charles Albert for a stir. The French suggested difficulty 9a. It would have been the second 9a boulder in the world. However, the two repeaters of the boulder gradually devalued the line. Last Nico Pelorson.

He says that with his solution and with climbing shoes, the boulder can be described as a solid 8c. The first ascent, Charles Albert, climbed barefoot, as is customary for him.

Nico Pelorson on the ascent of what was originally the second 9a boulder in the world: No Kpote Only

For comparison: Charles Albert on the ascent of No Kpote Only

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Credits: Cover picture Hugo Parmentier