Adam Ondra has been on an America trip for several weeks, climbing one classic at the other. Most routes and boulders he tries to climb onsight respectively flash. Often with success, as recently in the case of the famous Boulders Midnight Lightning in the Yosemite Valley. You'll learn more in his first video clip.

Here Adam Ondra makes short work of two 8b boulders

After visiting his sponsor Black Diamond's headquarters, Adam drives to Little Cottonwood Canyon and boulders the Chris Sharma Boulder Spinal Twist and the Jimmy Webb Boulder The Hour of Power (at 8b). The inspection of the second Boulder you can see in the following video.


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A selection of his ticklist to this day

Adam Ondra already has these routes and boulders in his bag. The list is not exhaustive, which makes things even more incredible.

  • Book of Hatred (5.13d)
  • Salathé Wall (5.13) 31 pitches
  • Cosmic Debris (V13)
  • Midnight Lightning (V8)
  • Dominated (V13)
  • Just Do It (5.14c) onsight
  • To Bolt or Not to Be (5.14a)
  • Scarface (5.14a) onsight
  • White Wedding (5.14a) onsight
  • Air Swedin (5.13) onsight
  • Ruby's Cafe (5.13) onsight
  • Spinal Twist and The Hour of Power (both V13)

 Table for the conversion of the difficulty levels can be found here.

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Adam Ondra almost climbs the Salathé Wall in Yosemite Valley onsight

Credits: Cover picture Bernardo Gimenez

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