The professional climber Giuliano Cameroni succeeds once again in the first ascent of a difficult line in his home country. He cracks a long-term project in Cresciano and gives the line the name Crystal Ship, rated 8c.

The Crystal ship it is an old project in the sector La Boule, Cresciano. Along with Clément Lechaptois and Daisuke Ichimiya he worked intensively on the boulder in December. Success didn't come as quickly as hoped, but the line couldn't resist the strong Ticino for long. On January 8, 2021, he managed the first ascent of Crystal Ship (8c).

I'm super excited about this new boulder. A perfect line, a mix of strength and technique combined with a tricky key point.

Giuliano Cameroni

Second ascent by Clément Lechaptois

On the day Giuliano got through, Clément, who was also working on the line, fell three times on the last train. After a day of rest, Clément returned to the block and, shortly before dark, did the second ascent of the boulder.

The sessions on the rock were super comfortable, we talked bullshit, had fun and motivated each other with every attempt. That's exactly how I love climbing!

Clément Lechaptois

Big potential

The Swiss southern canton of Ticino is one of them Cresciano, Chironico, Brione and the Val Bavona to the world's best bouldering areas. Most of the blocks are currently being developed in Val Bavona, but new lines are also constantly being added in Cresciano and Chironico.

One of the most active first climbers in the areas is Giuliano Cameroni. He got bouldering lines like Liquid nails (Brione), White shark (Val Bavona), Poison the Well (Brione) and sport climbing routes such as Mojo Rising or Baba Yaga (both Val Bavona). His father, co-author of the Ticino bouldering guides, used to be very active and developed numerous sport climbing routes and bouldering lines in Ticino.

For around two years now, Giuliano's brother, Diego cameroni, active in bouldering again - and with success. He is also busy developing new lines and thus contributing to the development of the areas.

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Credits: Cover picture Giuliano Cameroni