Nils Favre war vor wenigen Wochen noch in den Red Rocks, knippste reihenweise harte Boulder ab – unter anderem die von Nalle Hukkataival erstbegangene Linie Kintsugi (8c).

Die Jungs von flatholds haben Nils Favre und Niccolo Ceria auf ihrer Reise begleitet und die wichtigsten Begehung in Form eines Filmes festgehalten. Seit heute ist der Trailer online. Der komplette Film soll bald folgen.

Trailer des Red Rock Trips von Nils Favre und Niccolo Ceria

Der Kommentar von Nils zur Begehung von Kintsugi:

Already back in Europe and really far from this master piece of rock! Climb this boulder, „Kintsugi, V15!?“ was an absolute moment of joy.

I spent 3 days on it trying several betas and finally found a new way which replace 3mouvs by a really big one. Last day of trip and be alone was two factors which put my mind in a perfect focus to be able to climb at my best. It’s probably the only boulder of this trip which I didn’t make a single mistake in my climbing, this boulder changed my vision of bouldering. After the climb I needed to take back five crashpads, rope, camera and climbing gear, It means 4times the one hour walking in a day. I love this way of climbing, it makes each boulder unique with a big story behind.

About the boulder: Nalle Hukkataival did the FA and it was only repeated by Jimmy Webb , I’m happy to put my name on the 3rd ascent because this line will stay on the high ranking of the best climb I’ve done. Video should be release by flathold soon or directly on my Vimeo account. Have the look, mouvs are just perfect with a jump start which is the best start possible for a boulder on my opinion. I have a big split on my finger and a big smile on my face.

Credits: Bild

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